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Meet Karen Stremke

Karen Stremke is a life changing, ordained, certified life coach and motivational speaker.  She has not only spoken internationally but is also hands on in the community she finds herself in...  Starting soup kitchens, clothes closets, ministering in HIV positive un-adoptable orphanages in Uganda, 3rd world hospitals a



I'm Here For You

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and Experience

My goal is to give you a soft place to land, and help you re-imagine your life, let go of thoughts and behaviors that  keep you from moving forward on life's journey, so that a renewed and fulfilled

 you can emerge. 


Let go of your fears...

 Expand your wings...

 and fall in love with you!



Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and Experience

  As an Ordained, Certified Life Coach and motivational speaker, I'm here to assist you in seeing your opportunities, breathe life into your dreams, and welcome joy into your adventure. You can create the life you imagined, everything you need is available for your journey. 

Say “yes” to the person

 you are meant to be.


Supportive Journey

Knowledge and Experience

Supportive Journey

 Are you ready to stop looking at your past to determine what your future might be? I’m here to help you shift your mental energy towards enjoying every moment of every day, and start celebrating the rest of your journey.  

The past can't be changed.

The future is yet in your power.

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