Love In Action Is The Source Of All Miracles!

Many times, in our daily lives we are surrounded by negative reports of things going wrong in our society. It’s everywhere and frankly I’m can’t live in a negative world...  I know there are people out there that are making a difference, whether its changing one life at a time, or by the masses. They are prof that love works!

I was talking to a Facebook friend of mine that I have known for years. I was shocked that she didn’t believe that love wins. WHAT? If love doesn’t win, then what does? Hate… Judgement… Condemnation… Wars… Killing… Religion… Seriously!!!... We’ve seen that hate vs. hate = hate…. War vs. war = war…. Judgement vs. Judgement = Judgement, and so on... 

We CANNOT change the world by being a mirror image of negativity and expect different results. We’ve been there and got the t-shirt… HISTORY HAS PROVEN IT DOESN’T WORK!  Until we truly believe that LOVE ALWAYS WINS, negativity will continue keep producing negativity… You can disagree with me, and that is ok. I know what I know. I’ve seen love work with my own eyes.

Let me ask you this…. If all the hate crimes... mass-murders had experienced that true unadulterated unconditional love, would we have lost lives in this country? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have existed. There are so many examples I can give… and frankly don’t want to re-live them, just to make my point. I’m just saying that if we tried love as the antidote to things happening around us, this world would be a better place.

WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE! If we want to see kindness… lets be kind… If we want to see love… lets be love… It’s not hard. Next time you’re in the grocery store check-out line… let the person behind you go in front of you…. Just because…. Why not… You just made someone’s day a little better…. Next time you go through a drive through, pay for the persons food that is behind you. If your walking down the street, say hi, or smile at someone that is walking by…. I promise you 9 out of 10 times you will get a smile back… Make a positive impact on someone daily.

What do you want to mirror back at you?...  Love + love = love, a smile + a smile = a smile… it’s that easy…

Sooo, my Celebrated Journey Life Coaching business is changing its course. I am going to hit the road in my RV, traveling around the country documenting how LOVE ALWAYS WINS

There is more… Not only do I want to record it, but Celebrated Journey wants to give back. Every place I document, I will give back my time, being hands on, helping the cause by being the change I want to see. Whether it’s pulling weeds, picking up trash, feeding the hungry, changing a diaper, holding a child, painting a mural, ministering to people in need. However, I can contribute to help is what I’m about.

For those of you who have known me for years, you know this is how I roll. 

· From living in Columbia, South America as a child. My parents were missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators, were we lived with an indigence tribe on the amazon for 3 ½ years. 

· Traveling with gospel artist Reba and Dony Rambo McGuire for years. Helping in whatever way I could, including taking care of their children while we traveled the world. Witnessing miracle after miracle, as love in action changed the environment around us.

· Living in Johannesburg, South Africa starting soup kitchens and clothes closets in a small township of Alexandria for 2 ½ years. 

· Traveling to Kampala, Uganda and ministering in HIV positive un-adoptable children’s orphanages, 3rd world hospitals, Prisons, and HIV positive woman’s facilities, where they are taught skills like sewing, making jewelry, and more… instead of the alternative of prostitution. 

· And the list goes on…


I started my journey with Love Town in Eatonton, Georgia with Robert Rutherford. This is the first of many videos I will be sharing with you from this amazing place. ) I will be contributing my time to this ministry. We have not yet set a starting date for Celebrated Journey to give back yet… So, stay tuned… You’ll get to see that too. 

I also have other interviews set up around the country in the next several months.  You see, this is something that I must do. It’s what I live for. I know this is my calling. While I’m still here on earth… I have to give back. I have to show the world that Love in action IS the source of all miracles. 

As well as, booking speaking engagements around the country.  Motivating people to show their love and change their world.  

· If you would like to put your Love In Action by contributing to these amazing places that are changing their communities with their love, Click the link in the menu on ways to bless these places financially. (100% of your donation will be given to them.) 

· If you know of any place that is changing the world with their love. Please let me know who they are, and I will consider them as part of my journey.

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So, stay tuned… 

In the menu above (Love in Action) Is where you can locate my first videos from LOVE TOWN with Robert Rutherford. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. There are 5 already recorded. I will post them on my Facebook Celebrated Journey page as well as my personal page. One of these videos is the tour of the property so you can see the vision for this amazing ministry.  I know there will be many lives touched there.

Celebrate your Journey…

Make your world a positive place by being the change you want to see!

Love you all more than you could ever imagine…


Karen Stremke.

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